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What do all these beautiful rooms have in common?

They have all been enhanced with Amina Plaster In Wall Speakers

The audio visual marketplace has exploded in the last few years with growth in house/room automation has led us all to look for ways to change the balance of the technology in our home.  Years ago we were all proud of our flatscreens and huge speaker systems whereas now we are hunting for ways to hide it.

So if you have a ‘hidden solution’ for your televisions what do you do about your sound system.  The answer to this is the Amina Invisible Wall Speakers.  These are an excellent, high quality solution which allows you to lose no wall space as these clever speakers are actually plastered within the wall and can even be disguised with art or pictures.

Please contact us if you want to discuss a project that would benefit from this innovative speaker system.

Prices start from around £1200.00 for a pair of speakers and backboxes


Introducing the Amina® AIWX Plaster-In Loudspeaker Series, the world’s best sounding totally invisible speakers. The British-made AIWX hidden speakers generate a blanket of crystal clear sound Amina AIW5X Invisible Speaker that offers the most consistent sound coverage you’ll ever experience from an in-wall loudspeaker. Plus, the new ALF40 hidden subwoofer provides extra low end bass for a truly incredible invisible sound solution.

No other speaker offers the installation flexibility, complete invisibility, and amazing sound quality of the Amina AIWX speakers, which have been designed and engineered from the beginning to be completely concealed in walls and ceilings under paint, wallpaper, textured plaster, and more.

Amina speakers provide invisible audio in prestigious installations throughout the world, including the Houses of Parliament, the US Capitol, luxury hotels, high-end custom homes, exotic restaurants, just to name a few.

The beauty of the Amina Plaster-In speakers is that they are so flexible they allow you to have quality sound where you want it with the added innovation of completely hiding the technology away so that it does not impinge on the decor of your room.  The Amina range is flexible and has solutions for every type of installation.


The Amina® AIWX Series In-Wall Loudspeakers are the world’s first high-performance hidden loudspeakers. Designed to be skimmed over with up to 3/16″ of plaster or drywall compound, the AIWXs provide a totally concealed audio solution that allows complete interior design flexibility without the visible presence of speakers.

Whether the room is square, rectangular, or even curved, AIWXs are a perfect fit every time! And once plastered in, they become completely sealed and protected, and offer an unparalleled invisible audio solution.

This makes the AIWX speakers an ideal invisible audio solution for wet areas such as pools and bathrooms, and for clean rooms where walls and ceilings need to be regularly washed or wiped down.

This video will give you an idea of what can be achieved with these innovative in wall speakers.


The Technology

The core element of an Amina Plaster In-wall loudspeaker comprises a specialist lightweight, yet very strong composite panel material, which vibrates in the same way as the bodies of natural musical instruments (for example the acoustic guitar, violin or piano). These vibrations recreate a diffuse source of sound energy which is emitted in a far less directional manner and one capable of filling a space far more evenly than a conventional loudspeaker. This diffuse source creates a high definition sound field over a very wide area ensuring that surround sound or a stereo sound field is heard whatever the room, and wherever the listening position.

The beating heart of an Amina Plaster In-wall loudspeaker is its acoustic ‘engine’, using the very latest rare earth magnet based, high power vibrational excitation driver(s) (one in the case of the AIW1, and four in the case of the AIW5).

This allows the AIW5 to handle an incredible 80W of continuous power,
generating a massive 105dB of sound with plaster applied. The AIW range copes with the most dynamic of sounds, recreating the clarity of individual notes produced by the classical guitar, to the impressive effects generated in modern action movies.

The acoustic engine sets up tiny, but powerful vibrations (you can feel them but cannot see them) in the specialist composite panel material, which are then transferred through the plaster, paint or wallpaper to the very front surface of the wall or ceiling. This in turn vibrates air molecules at its boundary, which then excites more air molecules further away, sending a diffuse, non correlated energy sound wave out into the room

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