Built-In Extended Flip-Out TV Mount

Closed View

TV hidden behind panel.

Open View

Lift allows you to use your own choice of decor panels to hide your TV over your bed.

Hide My TV, the exclusive UK retailers of the Flip-Around and the Extended FlipOut ranges of TV mounts now bring you the latest product in the Extended Flip-Out TV Mount range which has been designed for projects that require a panel rather than a picture to hide the TV – Extended Flip-Out Motorised – Built In Option

Using the same award technology of the Extended Flip-Out, this motorised unit allows you to view your TV at the touch of a button and then hide it way when not required, thus avoiding the TV becoming the focal point of your bedroom.

This mount can be built into a custom headboard or wall. With the push of a button, this mount extends your TV out from the wall above your bed so you can watch TV comfortably while lying down or sitting up in bed. The arms of the mount are designed to conceal the cables that connect to your TV. You can easily install these cables yourself. When you’re not watching TV, simply close the mount to completely hide your TV behind the attached picture frame.


Introduced in 2010, the manually operated Extended Flip-Out has proven itself against the test of time. In 2012 this unit received an INNOVATION AWARD at CES in Las Vegas and in 2014 it received patent approval. This is our newest upgrade, the Motorised Built- In version, introduced in September 2017.

Wall Mounting

There are 12 mounting slots spaced at 16″, 24″, and 32″ spacing to correspond with standard stud walls. The product comes with lag bolts meant for fastening to wood studs. However, with the use of appropriate fasteners, you can also attach this product to metal studs, concrete, or block. It is best to contact us for more info regarding alternative structures. This product CANNOT be installed using drywall anchors.

TV Compatibility

We can give you full advice with regard to the installation, choice of frame and recommended size of TV. We can also offer installation within the UK mainland.

For further details about this bespoke product Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how this innovative TV Mount will work in your bedroom. on 020 84471 653 or email us on info@HideMyTV.co.uk with details of your project so that we can guide you through the process of integrating this innovative product into your home.

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