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Traditionally TV Furniture was only known as a box with doors that you could hide your tv in when not watching it. Now we can offer the choice of especially designed furniture units from TV Fireplaces to TV ottomans that can be used in any room of the home – at the end of the bed or in any living space.

We can help you design any piece of furniture to help you hide your tv – no matter what size or situation. These pieces can be designed to complement your existing decor and layout. A multitudes of finishes are available from ultra modern to traditional wood. All our custom furniture is handcrafted in the UK.

End of Bed TV Ottomans

Prices start from £2150.

Also, our end of bed TV units can be totally customised so that they are as slim as possible and perfect for those clients who already have their perfect bed and just want a separate unit at the end of their bed. Again these can be made custom to match existing furniture or furnishings.

TV Furniture

We can also design a a piece of TV furniture which complements your living environment and hides your television. We can add storage areas if necessary. These units can be made in all styles from traditional to contemporary.

TV Fireplaces

A great way of incorporating a TV behind a working electric fire. With a click of a button your TV is on view when you want it. We have a range of styles of Fireplace finishes in stone, marble and wood and a choice of electric fires. Storage can also be incorporated for BluRay players and other AV equipment, ensuring your living environment is not disturbed!

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