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Automation and the use of tv lifts is being requested more and more as we all want to find the most convenient way of housing our televisions.

Things have definitely moved on from the simple bracket on the wall that took the tv off the floor.

Here at Hide My TV we can help you find ways of concealing your tvs in the, cupboard, behind panels in the wall – the solutions you have at your fingertips are totally customisable. All options allow you to hide your tv at the press of a button. So we can ensure that you get exactly what you want for your home or commercial premises

We offer a range of high quality tv lifts and TV bracket systems that suit all budgets. We can only show you a small selection of what is available to you so please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what you are trying to achieve so we can send you the relevant information and pricing.

In Worktop Lifts

Space saving option for your kitchen. Our WorkTop Lift can be installed into most work surfaces. Contact us to discuss your options.

Under Bed Lift

A space saving way to hide your TV under your bed with options for your TV to swivel if required.

In Floor Lifts

Our under TV Floor Lift houses any size flat screen and raises it out of the floor for convenient viewing. These units are completely assembled and ready for installation. Waterproof, they can be used inside or out (with a waterproof TV)

In Ceiling Lifts

A range of In Ceiling Lifts to assist with almost any design criteria. Each system is made to order to suit your TV size and installation requirements. Please contact us and one of our team we will help and advise you on the best solution for your project.

Lift or Wall Mounted Swivel Systems

Supporting the TV from the corner allows it to be swung out in to the room to the required viewing position. Add a lift mechanism and your TV can then hide away from view when not in use. Each system is made to order to suit your TV size and installation requirements. Please contact us and one of our team we will help and advise you on the best solution for your project.

Mirror and Art Lifts

We offer several different solutions for hiding your TV behind Moving Artwork, Mirrors or Panels. Our “Mirror and Art Lifts” allows a painting mirror or panel to gently glide up/down, sideways or split in the middle to hide your TV. For more information on our range please click here

Motorised / Manual Wall Mounts

We offer a wide and extensive range of wall mounts that encompass all size and type of flat screen television. From flat on wall mounts, functional pull and rotate swivel mounts to more elaborate one way and two way motorised swivel mounts and motorised tilt and drop mounts we offer a range of products to suit all residential and commercial applications.

If a standard unit will not fit the bill we offer a customised or designed from scratch service.

Flip Around and Extended Flip Out TV Mounts

Flip around

Simply pull the bottom of the mount away from the wall and gas springs will take over, rotating the unit 180 degrees to put the TV on view when wanted.

Alternatively we offer a motorised version

Extended Flip Out

For more information on our Flip Around or Extended Flip Out Mounts Click Here

End of Bed Ottoman/TV Furniture

We offer a selection of TV Lifts that can be built into our range of custom designed furniture/Ottomans.

Alternatively, we can supply just the TV Lift.

From a standard lift up lid to roll top systems to raise up and swivel we can cater for all requirements and TV sizes.

To view our range of TV Furniture Click Here

Moving Artwork

Our innovative Moving Art range offers you a unique way of hiding your LED TV behind your choice of art. Your motorised artwork can scroll or roll down in front of your TV so when you don’t want to watch it, it becomes a beautiful painting that complements your decor.

For more information Click Here

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