Hidden TV Solutions For The Bedroom

Our many products for hiding your bedroom TV, allow it to remain a haven of calm with your television hidden until you want to see it.

Our solutions include:

Motorised Extended Flip Out

The perfect solution for building in to paneling or a padded headboard above your bed.

Mirrored Wardrobe Door TV

Our ultra slim Mirror TVs can be fitted in to mirrored wardrobe doors, and other mirrors.

Extended Flip Out TV

This ingenious bracket looks like a picture on the wall. Choose the manual or motorised option.

TV Ottomans

We offer a range of ready made furniture such as Ottomans, and can custom make furniture too.

Fusion Mirror TV

Choose from a 16″ to an 85″ Mirror TV and hang as a frameless mirror or add a stylish picture frame.

Under Bed Lift

With the touch of a remote control your TV will slide out from under the bed.

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Hide My TV

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