Fusion Professional Range Mirror TVs

The number 1 choice for Designers, Architects and discerning home owners who want to hide their TV without compromise.

Our Fusion Professional Mirror TVs are set apart not just by their build quality and versatility but on the ability of the mirror to deliver pin sharp high definition images through its surface and by the quality and clarity of the mirror when the TV is powered off.

Why Choose a Fusion Professional Range Mirror TV
  • Powered by the latest UK manufactured Specialist High-End TV technology
  • The Commercial Grade TV system is designed and optimised solely for sending images through mirror and glass surfaces
  • Unlike standard Mirror TVs that use a residential TV unit, our ultra slim bezel around the Television leaves virtually no gap between the TV screen and back of mirror, further enhancing the TV image quality.
  • Hang as a surface mounted picture framed Mirror TV or build in to the wall without the need for ventilation
  • Choose from our standard size mirrors of we can make custom sizes to suit your design application.
  • Compatible with all Home Automation Systems
  • Choose from largest choice of hand finished picture frames in any colour of your choice
  • Choice of different mirror options including tinted, Bronze, Grey or our exclusive Fusion Ultra – Silver Mirror Technology
  • Suitable for a wide range of installations including Living Rooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen Splashbacks and Saunas. Swimming Pools
  • The perfect solution when building in to Furniture and Cupboard Doors.
  • Ideal for commercial premises such as Hotels, Offices, Display areas
  • External Speakers can be connected direct to the TV for superior sound quality.
  • TV sizes from 16” to 85”
  • A choice of Television systems including 4K
  • Made in the UK with a 2 Year Warranty
Fusion Mirror Technology

Fusion Mirror TVs use the very latest in Mirror Technology, combined with our Professional LED TVs to give the very best in TV image quality.

Options Include:

  • Bronze Mirror
  • Tinted Mirror
  • Grey Mirror
  • Or our exclusive Fusion Ultra – Silver Mirror Technology for a near perfect Silver Mirror
'Luxury Picture Collection' for Fusion Mirror Televisions

We offer the largest selection of Picture Frames to compliment our Fusion High Brightness Mirror TV. All Frames are joined, prepared and hand finished to the highest standards using traditional techniques.

Choose from our “Modern/Contemporary” Collection for Wood Finishes, Mirror Frames, painted finishes and more!!

Our Contemporary/Traditional Collection offers a range of stunning traditional frames available in any colour of your choice as well as Gold and Silver leaf.

Custom Design Your Fusion Professional Range Mirror TV

Our Fusion Professional Range Mirror Televisions are suitable for all living areas including Bathrooms, Kitchens, Wet Rooms and Swimming Pools.

Each system can be tailor made to suit your exact layout and design criteria.

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