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HMTV – Art/Mirror/Fabric Panel Lifts


These stylish lift mechanisms allow you to use Art, Mirrors or fabric Panels to hide your TV that is recessed in the wall to give a sleek profile in the room. At the touch of a button, your choice of Art/Mirror/Panel can slide up, down, sideways or split to reveal your TV when you want to see it.

3 standard options are available for up to 65” TVs:

Picture Lift

Moves artwork/mirror/panel up and down, above or below the TV

Picture Side

Moves artwork/mirror/panel to right or left side of TV

Picture Split

Splits the artwork/mirror/panel into 2 and moves to either side of the TV

Optional Features

  • Various size options available to accommodate different TV sizes
  • Custom sizes and mechanisms to take heavier weight panels are also available.
  • Hand finished frames painted to your choice of colour available as well as stretched canvas

Use your own artwork or choose from our selection of Canvas stretched artwork

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